Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

Six The Musical Tickets

Lena Horne Theatre | New York, New York

Six The Musical

New York, New York will be blown away when Six the Musical storms the Lena Horne Theatre on Saturday 23rd March 2024 for their March Broadway show. This unique performance is promising to be the best musical theater has to present in March, and Broadway fans seem to agree as seats are already fully sold out. When Six the Musical arrives with their multi-award winning, and box office smashing performance, truly the hottest talent will be on stage. So don’t miss out! Click the Buy Tickets button below to make sure that you take this chance to see Six The Musical live.

In this sense, we’re not actually talking about the costumes, which are glorious by the way, but the premise of this musical is being a show. A musical about Henry VIII’s six wives could have actually gone lots of different directions but the direction they chose was certainly different and makes this production really stand out, in a surprising way, the style makes it extremely contemporary and instantly likeable. This show is sure to leave you blown away, some come to the stunning Lena Horne Theatre in New York for a night of surreal entertainment.

Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

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