Lena Horne Theatre seating chart

NOTE: Depending on the type of event, the seating configuration may be subject to change. Always check the individual event seating map displayed when selecting your tickets.

Orchestra Level

The seats in the orchestra section are spread across three subsections: left, right, and middle. They are also on three different levels: orchestra, front mezzanine, and rear mezzanine. Rows in this level are labeled with alphabets AAA-Q, facing the stage and there is a total of 574 seats. Seats on the left section is numbered from 25-1 (odd numbers) while the right section is numbered from 2-26 (even numbers). The middle section is numbered from 114-101.

Front Mezzanine Level

This is the first of the two elevated levels in the Lena Horne Theatre and is the smallest. Seats here are separated into 3 sections and its rows are labeled A-J. Seats are numbered 25-1 (odd numbers) on the right-hand side and 2-26 (even numbers) on the left-hand side. The middle section consists of seats numbered 114-101.

This level consists of the best seats in the theatre. Ultimately, the last two rows in front mezzanine (C-D) and a front couple of rows in rear mezzanine can also be considered value for money.

Rear Mezzanine Level

The third and highest level is the Balcony level. Seats are numbered 19-1 (odd numbers) on the right-hand side and 1-27 (odd numbers) on the left-hand side. The middle section is further split into two more sections. Middle-left section consists of seats numbered 127-101 (odd numbers) and middle-right section is numbered as 102-128 (even numbers). There are eight rows on this level.

Accessible Seating

Wheelchair locations are available in the orchestra level of the theatre. You may purchase one wheelchair and three companion seats per order if available.

For guests with limited mobility, there are seats available with movable/folding armrests (“Aisle transfer Seats”) in these locations: Orchestra C101, C114, J101, J114, N101, N114, N26, P23. Mezzanine: D1, D25, D 26.

The mezzanine requires stairs, as this theatre does not have an elevator or an escalator. All seats in the orchestra section are accessible without using any stairs.

For guests with sight or hearing impairments, accessible seats are available in the Orchestra Row A 1-7, Orch A 2-8.

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