Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

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Lena Horne Theatre | New York, New York

Six The Musical

New York, New York will be taken away when Six the Musical arrives to the Lena Horne Theatre on Saturday 20th April 2024 for their April Broadway performance. This breathtaking performance is promising to be the unrivaled musical theater has to present in April, and Broadway fans seem to feel the same way as tickets are already fully sold out. When Six the Musical arrives with their multi-award winning, and box office smashing show, truly the hottest talent will be on stage. So don’t miss out! Click the Buy Tickets button below to make sure that you take this chance to see Six The Musical live.

Luck has taken a twist upon them, and they will not accept it without protest! Round up your buddies for a night of frantic pop melodies and bittersweet humor on Saturday 20th April 2024 as SIX: The Musical takes over the performance area of the Lena Horne Theatre!


The sextet ex-wives of Henry VIII find themselves engaging in a showdown in a grand empowering presentation of sixteenth-century matrimonial drama infused with 21st-century stylish sophistication. Listen to these fabulously stylish divas belt out an original score that was awarded a Tony Award, overflowing with wit and comic relief, featuring songs like "Heart of Stone," "Get Down," and "All You Wanna Do."

In a recent interview last March, Leandra Ellis-Gaston, the actor portraying Anne Boleyn, stresses the show's dedication to inclusivity and community equality:
"It's crucial that when audiences come to experience the show, they witness full-figured women, they observe deep-complexioned women like myself, they take note of the array of ethnicities included… If creative expression fails to mirror what is happening right now in the world, it ceases to be authentic art. [Our show is a] music-based performance that encourages individual persons to gain a different perspective, a musical journey that allows people to realize that their expression carries weight."

When making a statement, always conclude it with a mic drop. That's exactly how the SIX queens of Tudor proceed at the Lena Horne Theatre, situated within New York, on Saturday 20th April 2024. Empty seats don't endure - reserve your spot today!

Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

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