Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

Six The Musical Tickets

Lena Horne Theatre | New York, New York

Six The Musical

Today’s the day to secure your tickets and watch Six the Musical, the finest Broadway Musical that’s coming to the Lena Horne Theatre in New York, New York on Thursday 28th March 2024. The incredible Six the Musical premiered on Broadway at the Edinburgh Fringe in Edinburgh in 2016. Since then, the show has been blowing away audiences all over the country, smashing box office records! You could join a sell-out crowd in witnessing this live performance, but only if you act fast. Because once tickets to see Six The Musical sell out, they’ll be gone for good and if you love history, you can’t afford to miss out on this. So make sure you are there to experience Six The Musical live on Thursday 28th March 2024 at the Lena Horne Theatre. Click the Buy Tickets button below to purchase your tickets now.

Misfortune has cast its shadow upon them, and they will not stand for it silently! Gather your pals for a night of manic pop tunes and tragicomedy on Thursday 28th March 2024 as SIX: The Musical takes over the platform of the Lena Horne Theatre!


The half-dozen ex-wives of Henry VIII stand facing off in an uplifting display of 16th-century marital situations infused with 21st-century stylish sophistication. Tune in to these fabulously stylish divas perform an original score that was awarded a Tony Award, laden with wit and funny moments, featuring songs like "Heart of Stone," "Get Down," and "All You Wanna Do."

In a recent interview last March, Leandra Ellis-Gaston, the actor portraying Anne Boleyn, emphasizes the show's dedication to inclusivity and community equality:
"It's critical that when viewers come to witness the show, they encounter full-figured women, they observe darker-skinned women like myself, they observe an array of ethnicities presented… If creative expression fails to depict what is happening in the present in the world, it fails to be authentic art. [Our show is a] musical that inspires people to develop a different perspective, a music-centered experience that enables folks to understand that their opinion matters."

When making a statement, always conclude it with a mic drop. That's just how the SIX queens of Tudor roll at the Lena Horne Theatre, located in New York, on Thursday 28th March 2024. Available seats don't last - book your spot without delay!

Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

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