Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

Six The Musical Tickets

Lena Horne Theatre | New York, New York

The iconic smash hit is back, Six The Musical for spring, 2022, with an all new and updated production! Hosted by the incredible Brooks Atkinson Theater based in central Manhattan, and said to be one of the best venues for large capacity events like Six The Musical, in the whole of New York. Sunday 29th May 2022 is the big night for both theatre fanatics and fanatics of Six The Musical alike, so hop on board! it'll SELL OUT fast so click the link below now!

Six The Musical at Brooks Atkinson Theater

This won't be just another Sunday, this could be a lifestyle! A Broadway fan recently shared: "It started as something new to do on a weekend in New York, but it turned into a lifestyle! I feel a part of a community, my phone is mostly show tunes. I disconnect from the rest of the world and dive into a story of a different time. "

And there isn't a more perfect place for you to experience this unique feeling than Brooks Atkinson Theater! You will not believe your eyes when you visit Brooks Atkinson Theater in Manhattan New York and experience the spectacular sights that are only possible here. Not only will you get to enjoy finest musical performance from some spectacular theater talents but you’ll also get the chance to relax in a venue that’s designed with style, class, and comfort in mind. Expertly crafted lighting and sound engineering mean that no matter where you are in the hall, you’ll be able to clearly see and hear every moment of the action. Order your tickets now and join us for Six The Musical!

Six The Musical at Brooks Atkinson Theater

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