Six The Musical at Lena Horne Theatre

Six The Musical Tickets

Lena Horne Theatre | New York, New York

Cant find a good broadway to watch? We have just the thing for you! Six The Musical is touring again in spring, 2022 word has it that this production is putting all others to shame, it's simply the greatest! Critically acclaimed and all round winner, Six The Musical will be an unbelievable day out for you and the family in March. If you know this venue you'll be happy, the excellent Brooks Atkinson Theater, Manhattan, New York. Put this date in the diary: Thursday 31st March 2022 and what are you waiting for, purchase a set for yourself and the kids! There are limited tickets, strike while the iron is hot!

Six The Musical at Brooks Atkinson Theater

A charming broadway production has at long last returned to the stage in 2022 for another bomb tour on broadway, starting this spring! Get the chance to watch extraordinary talent executed before your eyes, be part of the magnificent atmosphere and staggering entertainment from Six The Musical. The New York Times have given strong reviews of the glamorous show, bragging about the line up of fine new talent and mature actors alike. The astounding production will be hosted by the unsurpassed Brooks Atkinson Theater in New York, Manhattan this March – is it the premier theatre house in Manhattan? Well many comment on the attractive structure while others are great admirers of the warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. Brooks Atkinson Theater is always a hit and a popular venue in part due to its fantastic location and starting point for an busy evening after the curtains have closed! Thursday 31st March 2022 is set to be a big night in Manhattan so makesure you're present! Word has it that tickets will be gone in a flash, just like they have done historically, with this legendary broadway, if you want access to the big night then you have no choice but to obtain your tickets right now! Follow the link on this page to secure your seats, you'll get the best if you don't hang around!

Six The Musical at Brooks Atkinson Theater

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