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Six Musical at Lena Horne TheatreHave you ever wondered what would have happened when all of Henry VIII’s six wives were in the same room, much less performing on stage together? Well, it’s the scenario you never knew you needed! Six brings together these lovely ladies who are rocking out on stage as pop icons! These Tudor Queens have a lot to say, and they sing it loud with power, angst, and great talent! The British-produced, two-time Tony Award-winning musical made waves during its premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and now it’s here on Broadway conquering the Lena Horne Theater (formerly Brooks Atkinson Theater!) Witness a bellowing and phenomenal pop concert, with each queen taking a likeness to today’s most incredible music stars! Who knew Anne Boleyn could belt outstanding notes that could have saved her life? Catch this amazing musical comedy in New York from the 2023 fall season all the way to March 2024! The show runs from Wednesdays to Mondays (close on Tuesdays)! If you’re keen on attending an incredible modern retelling of the Tudors, then you better hurry and score tickets now through the Get Tickets link!

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“It has mass appeal, immediacy, enthusiasm, and an incredibly high sense of style!” – New York Stage Review

“Broadway’s high-energy history remix reigns supreme!” – Entertainment Weekly

“Ferocious, feminist, and fun!” – Mashable

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We’ve seen versions of the Tudors’ stories countless times. Films, TV series, books, and more have retold the life of notorious King Henry VIII of England. The prolific womanizer has brought in six wives in a span of three decades – some were even beheaded! Can you believe it? If you think things like beheadings don’t happen in the modern era, then you haven’t seen anything yet! Six is a modern retelling of the experiences and struggles that each wife went through at the hands of the former English king. But instead of moping around and crying, each wife shows their incredible strength and talent! In this reality singing competition-like showcase, the queens will sing at the top of their lungs and show audiences why they deserve to be the true winner!

Our characters are the beloved Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Catherine Parr. But instead of having an old-fashioned get-up befitting the Queen of England, our fantastic queens have the likeness of today’s biggest pop stars. Some audiences might find some hints of Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, and more. 

Premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017, Six was the exemplary project of Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. The original production was small and performed by Cambridge University students. But its witty storyline and outstanding music caught the attention of many established producers. Hence, in 2018, the musical finally went on a U.K. Tour, followed by its premiere in London’s West End in 2019. That same year, Six embarked on a North American tour before finally landing on Broadway in 2021! This 2023 to 2024 season, Six will continue its Broadway production at the Lena Horne Theater (formerly Brooks Atkinson Theater). 

Upon its premiere, Six has garnered numerous accolades, including five Laurence Olivier nominations, two Tony Awards, four Drama Desk Awards, and three Outer Critics Circle Awards. In 2018, a studio album was also released, and the effort entered the U.K. Album Download chart and peaked at number 2 on the US Cast Albums chart. By 2021, the album was certified gold in the U.K. In 2023, the album received a Grammy nomination for Best Musical Theater Album. 

“One of the cleverest, wittiest, flashiest musicals in town!” – Daily Beast

“Sleek, swift, superbly sung!” – Washington Post

Lena Horne Theatre Six Musical

The show on Broadway features a stellar cast comprising Hailee Kaleem Wright as Catherine of Aragon, Leandra Ellis-Gaston as Anne Boleyn, Bella Copolla as Jane Seymour, Nasia Thomas as Anne of Cleves, Zoe Jensen as Katherin Howard, and Taylor Iman Jone as Catherine Parr. Behind the scenes, the production is led by an amazing creative team, including direction by Lucy Moss and Jamie Armitage, choreography by Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, amazing scenic design by Emma Bailey, and many more.  

In a recent article by the New York Times, Six received a glowing review from its in-house critic. Although it’s a musical comedy, Six tackles complex themes that New York Times writer Jesse Green was quick to realize. “Six” so strongly embodies feminism in its staffing while at the same time building its story on a contest of female degradation is an example of how it sometimes seems, on close inspection, to be at cross-purposes with itself.” Ultimately, Green mentioned that Six is an excellent entertainment and the 80-minute show run-time was indecently short because it was just so good. “The wit of the conception and the execution — the songs are a slick blend of pop grooves, tight lyrics, and old-fashioned musical theater craft — goes a long way toward keeping the show from sagging.” 

Another rave review of Six from the Los Angeles Times had just declared that the musical is “unapologetically revisionist, and that’s why it’s successful.” Of course, you can’t always expect a comedy musical to be historically accurate. Although the musical borrows characters, scenarios, and themes from England’s history, that doesn’t mean there won’t be tweaks here and there. Six of Henry VIII’s wives are all performing in the same singing competition, after all! “Like, say, the six wives of King Henry VIII. They were all married to the same man, but each handled the situation — and suffered the consequences — in a distinct way,” says the Los Angeles Times. “You then just have to bring them back to life, dress them in Tudor/Space Age fusion, and send them onstage through a puff of smoke, a halo of stadium lights and, as one song lyric puts it, ‘beats so sick they’ll give you gout,’ to rock the world’s historical assumptions.”

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As Six continues to conquer Broadway until the spring of 2024, the musical makes Lena Horne Theater (formerly Brooks Atkinson Theater) its home for six days a week (close on Tuesdays). Whether you live in New York or just visiting, seeing Six should be on your bucket list. For starters, the Lena Horne Theatre is one of Broadway’s top theaters and New York City’s most famous landmarks. The four-story stage house exudes modern Spanish-style architecture. It’s one of the few Broadway auditoriums that named itself after a critic – the late Brooks Atkinson, who used to write for the New York Times. Now named the Lena Horne Theatre, the three-auditorium venue provides attendees with excellent facilities, the utmost comfort, and modern light, stage, and sound design. You’ll definitely have a memorable evening when you catch Six at this historic venue!

Have a euphoric evening as Six entertains and serenades your soul with massive pop tunes befitting for the Queens of England! They may have been “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived,” but all these queens need is a microphone and the big stage! Witness 21st-century girl power at its finest by scoring tickets to Six happening at the Lena Horne Theatre! Tickets are now available through the Get Tickets link!